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Turning Habits to Rituals – Creating a Great Life


In these days of digital this and technology that, the stress of making a go of it financially, working nine-to-five, and being all things to all people it is no wonder many of us have fallen into the Matrix and are running on auto-pilot. Life, it seems, has become a series of habits and patterns that most of us find ourselves being lived by.

In this soup of pressure, technology, and a multitude of distractions we often find ourselves adrift at sea – lacking some sort of spiritual anchor or compass. In days gone by we used to practice and rely on rituals. These ‘old fashioned’ reminders provided individuals, families, and communities with both an anchor and a compass that was reliable. It seems these once honored practices have been buried under the pressures of modern urban living and have become either empty habits or entirely lost.

If we say grace do we say it consciously before a meal? If we go to church do we do so consciously? If we honor the solstice do we do so with presents and awareness? Or have all these important life-affirming practices turned into empty habits?

Have a look at your own life and see. Could you turn some tired old habits into enlivening rituals that you could be inspired by? Thanksgiving has just passed here in Canada and is on its way in the United States. How could you bring more presents to bear on days like this? How could you enrich your family’s holiday time by bring more ritual than habit to the time family spends on Christmas Holidays? I am asking the same questions of myself. How could my family be more enriched, more enlivened, and more inspired by adding even more spirit to the Holiday Season? How would I behave if I were more at choice, more present and less in the habit of Christmas Celebrations?

If we can do this a Seasonal Celebrations how could we make it an everyday occurrence? A life of choice and ritual or a life of habit… hmmm? Ryan Allen Womens Jersey

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