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Bringing Death Home – Stephen Garrett, MA & Don Morris, M.Ed

Date: July 8, 2016

For many of our loved ones who are dying, they wish to be at home versus a hospital. The Home Funeral Practicum is an uplifting, hands on, holistic workshop that provides you the knowledge and skills to care for a loved one’s body and soul at death.

Our goal is to help clarify your values and personal preferences around dying and death care. We do so through valuable discussions – including how to work with one’s thoughts, emotions and intuitions arising before the dead.

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End of Life Guide Training

The program is designed to be tailor made to suit your personal goals around being of service to those nearing death – to the role you may want to play in supporting your family, friends, and community to approach death in a different way – a way that supports death’s acceptance – its ‘right-ness’ and allows survivors to be inspired to live their own lives more fully as a result of their loss.  The program is self-paced dependent upon your own life’s schedule, availability of appropriate hospice volunteer work, and your own learning style. This training will prepare you for your role as an End of Life Guide, a Coach for the dying and their family.

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