The Trouble with Bubbles

It seems we have a conundrum on our hands – true self and life appear to be on separate side of the universe.  We each seem to be operating in our own unique and separate universe – a universe of one. We have our individual history, beliefs, attitudes and lenses through which we experience our life.  Thought it appears that we are all in it together we really aren’t.  It is as if we are each a bubble in the soda of life.

Let me explain as best as I can.

Tell me who you are (the age-old mantra).

Who I am is the individual me… I am.  What I am, is a unique me with the potential or power of choice.  I am resting potential a kind of tap-able energy.  In itself this is not an issue I am simply resting potential energy.

Tell me what life is.

Life is the totality of possible opposites; an abundance of decisions; a multitude of options, an array of selections.  The universe never chooses for me.  It simply offers a never-ending series of binary choices for me to make.

Tell me what another is.

Simple, an individual like me in his or her own bubble of resting potential energy.

Here is the catch.

The moment I make a choice(s) I launch myself out of my resting potential –me the One, into life or not me – the Many.  I pop up out of the One into a universe of many as if I were a bubble in a glass of ginger ale. In the bubble of my choice(s) I look out and see other bubbles in their choice(s).

The game of life is on.  Like the board game SORRY, we try desperately to find our way home in the midst of all these glorious distractions.  My only way home though is to fall back into my resting potential, to surrender life, to die into the One.

The conundrum, the ultimate yoga – how do I live and die in the same moment?

Much Love

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