The Trouble with Bubbles – cont’d

Where did we leave off?  Oh yes… The conundrum, the ultimate yoga – how do I live and die in the same moment?  Alone and yet together somehow.  Answer these and we are instantly free to love and choose authentically!

Perhaps the age-old struggle to live as One, as if we are all connected, all one spirit is simply not possible.  Perhaps this notion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience is confusing the whole issue.  Perhaps we are missing the joy of it all in living this way.

Perhaps we need to adjust the lenses we look at life and spirituality through.

What if ALL of life is spiritual?  What if we are ALL divine?  What if ALL of life including death is trustworthy?  What if there is nothing wrong with anything?  What if ALL of life is right?

What if each of us is the centre of our own unique universe?

What if all this spiritual seeking and meditating is one great big distraction from the life we actual have?  What if the best meditation is living what we have going on right in front of us?  What if our way ‘home’ is living our best with what we have chosen?  What if compassion means letting others fully experience their life their way?  What if there are no ‘right’ answers?  What if life is about the questions?

What if life is simply about the experience?

If we all are in fact:

We are bubbles of divine potential energy with the power of choice, and

And life is:

The totality of possible opposites; an abundance of choices, and

While others are:

An individual like me in his or her own bubble of resting potential energy


All we need to do is choose, experience the choice, and acknowledge without judgement that others are doing the same thing

It is simple.  Why then does it seem so complex?

Preferences and aversions!


It is simple.  Why then does it seem so complex?   Preferences and aversions!


What makes each of us a unique individual is our collection of preferences, beliefs, and dislikes.  This same collection of ‘lenses’ is what makes life seem so complex – from a different perspective curiously exciting.

How I experience life is unique to me and me only, because of my ‘lenses’.  No one else has the same collection as me, therefore they do not and cannot experience life the same way I do.  This holds true even if we are in the same room doing the same thing at the same time!

Our individual experience of life is exclusively our own and unlike anyone else’s.  It is unbearably and unrelentingly true!  No one experiences life like I do and visa versa.

This is the root of conflict.

Much Love

Stephen Garrett William Jackson Jersey

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