Significance – Remembrance – Regret

Often in and around the time of death things can get very basic especially for the person dying.  I have noticed over the years of doing hospice work when a person knows that they are really dying their concerns get simple; Did I make a difference? Will people remember me? And, Did I mistreat anyone?


We can support our loved ones passing by helping them find meaning in the life they have lived, helping them discover the things they did in their lives that meant something to them, to their family, and friends.  Create a life album of photos and stories as an example.


We can help them by bringing friends and family by to tell stories and remember then before they die.  Have a visitors’ memory book on hand for family and friends to write in and sign.


We can help by listening to any regrets they may have about how they lived their lives without any judgment or criticalness.  Set aside a quiet private time with your loved one and check in and see if they have any regrets they would like to share. Al Woods Womens Jersey

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