Practicality and Spirituality are NOT Opposites – They are Necessary Bedfellows!

Imagine going to the bathroom and not wiping your ass. May sound like a distasteful and silly analogy and yet… imagine what a stinky mess that would create.

In many areas of new age spirituality it is much like this example. New Agers have the spirituality piece down pat – meditation, imagining, inviting abundance, surrendering to a higher power, manifesting, letting go and letting God, and all that kind of spiritual stuff. Now please, before you get pissed off at me for speaking this way, know that these practices are important and yet as stand-alone practices they are simply NOT enough to create a life of your dreams.

Trusting the Universe is only half the coin.

Creating a vision board only a piece of the work.

Going with the flow only a temporary path.

Our North American culture has jumped all over this new age stuff feeling the ‘spirit’ in it for sure. Yet if left on its own it is like spinning your wheels – lots of noise, burning rubber, a bunch of smoke, tons of energy expended, and absolutely no progress. It sure looks like you are doing something. In some ways it can be a satisfying distraction, while in reality we are totally avoiding the guts of life.

Off to the meditation room.

Sit in front of the vision board and manifest.

Pray to God to make your dreams come true.

All of three are half measures and on their own a total waste of time. These new age steps can be a cop out, or an empty soap opera – a sort of fanciful ungrounded soup, and an unreal existence.

People who practice these half measures often feel, when things don’t turn out the way they envisioned, that they aren’t spiritual enough or practicing hard enough somehow spiritual not good enough. So they pray more intently, imagine more, surrender deeper, redo their vision board with even more heart, and chant even more passionately only to again get the same result – a type of empty, ungrounded, confusing reality that does not at all feel like nirvana. But don’t worry keep that spiritual smile on your face, be even more devout, and ultimately abundance will show up.

Bull shit! BS! Non-sense!

Until these effective and helpful practices are mixed with a good dose of feet on the street hard work, persistence, patience, and planning there will be no forward movement, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, no feeling of at last I made it.

Until we are willing to be uncomfortable, to do the hard things, to not know, to persist even though it feels extremely difficult, to fail continually, and yet to continue to get up and press on, we are fooling ourselves and setting us all up for the ongoing disappointment of new age idealism.

Things don’t just happen.

Magic does not just simply occur.

The lottery doesn’t often payoff.

Now, take those same new age practices and add to them, achievable goals, action plans, effort, practice, a willingness to fail, a burning intention to succeed, persistence against all odds, a solid group of true supporters, and a humble confidence that you do have what it takes.

Then and only then are you real-ly up to something.

Then and only then will you real-ly make progress.

Then and only then will abundance real-ly show up.

Stop waiting for God to move mountains! Move them yourself, take the initiative and get the shovel out! Be willing to move that damn mountain all on your own, shovel by shovel, blister by blister, ache by ache. Be real-ly willing to go it alone, then and only then will Providence move too!

It takes profound intention, (really meaning it), and unfailing persistence to accomplish your dream, especially big dreams. Yes it takes trust in the Universe, and it also takes trust in yourself to handle what the Universe does bring your way. It takes hard work to let go of all the personal doubts and mistaken self-beliefs you may have. It takes courage to face down those others who may doubt your ability and capacity to achieve your dreams and even more when they doubt your dreams. It takes tremendous courage to believe deeply in you. You can absolutely bring your dreams into reality with time, effort and hard work. It takes spiritual wisdom, practical hands on effort, and a heart that just won’t quit.

You can create magic in your life. Just don’t leave it solely up to some new age idea of God.

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