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When Death Speaks

When Death Speaks: Listen, Learn, and Love

Death has been pushed out of life and into a dark and lonely ‘morgue’. North Americans generally approach the topic of death with fear and denial in hand. When Death Speaks is all about changing the conversation to one of openness and inspiration.

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Chemosabe and Taunto: Riding Sidesaddle with Cancer

I am currently writing this book dedicated to the life of my late brother Peter and his and my family’s six- year walk with cancer.  In my down to life, human, and ‘slightly’ irreverent way I share the unseen side of the culturally accepted ‘good fight’ against cancer and the challenges both the one dying and those who survive face on a daily basis.  Peter’s dear wife April, his mother Marge, sisters, nurses and I share our own perspective of the same death – a 360 degree look at a human walk with cancer.

Look for the book late this year.