Mexico, Messy, and Death What a Delightful Trio

Here in Mexico things are a little messy and though there are many North Americans (gringos) doing their best to make it more efficient and less messy here it seems a loosing battle… thankfully so!

I was in an art gallery called Look this past weekend and was taken by the beauty of the local art that very much included death. There were some wonderful pieces that had as their focus death and depicted it in a very different way than we do up north – No Grim Reaper. In its place for an example, a lovely feminine skeleton all decked out for Sunday lunch with some exquisite shamanic touches in the background.

I couldn’t resist and purchased a fantastic piece that will hang handsomely in our home!

Earlier in the day, bright and early down by the fishmongers at the beach was a whole other scene, a messy yet beautiful one at that. A fresh catch had just arrived on shore and the fishermen were busy gutting and clean the fish right out in the public view. Blood and guts were everywhere as were the shore birds, pelicans, gulls and sandpipers all screeching for their share of the spoils! Messy and inefficient it may have seemed to the uneducated North American eye and yet at the end of the cleaning process there were no guts to be seen and flocks of extremely happy birds.

The fresh caught fish I purchased, red snapper, was an outstanding meal!

This kind of chaotic, raw, messiness coupled with the inclusion of death creates a symphony of sounds, colors, events, and celebrations that truly enhance living. It all blends into this wonderful, rich, body of pulsating vitality you can really sink your teeth into – it’s the real full meal deal.

Death, messy, and Mexico what a wonderful trio of companions! Me ‘thinks’ we miss out a lot in life by being so neat, tidy, and death adverse in North America. Keegan Kolesar Authentic Jersey

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