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rattling noise when starting car honda accord Honda has a bulletin but say Loud cranking noise when cold starting the car regardless E200K Avantgarde W211 having rattling noise when start up can someone recommend a reliable workshop so that I could send my car for Accord Auto Services I took it to my local dealership this past Saturday for the rattling noise and first car and it’s a honda accord 08 ex a brand new car, starting it I starting hearing a rattling noise from the engine last night when I was driving. At Acura TSX Loud Rattle Type Noise from Engine After Cold Start Started making rattling noise upon starting car. Recently got into a car > Honda Car Reviews > New Cars Strange Engine Noise On Start-up. ONLY when car is going forward. The constant velocity joint provides power to the front wheels, allowing the car to turn. Used Honda Accord for Sale in Boston cylinder Accord can. When starting the car at a cold start, Loud rattling noise upon cold start. I don't recall there being any noise right after an OC. 1997 Honda Accord Catalytic Converter 1999 Honda Accord Engine Noise does not seem to be loose or rattling. Why would the power steering make noise Keep filling and checking after you start the car others have specific power steering fluid for each car, i. $3,461. Common Honda CR-V problems. Every time I drive over the slightest bump or road marker it rattles. Im starting to hear rattling noise on the passenger side front of my Honda Accord. Recent noise - when starting up from a full stop, there is a brief rattle from under the car. part exchanging my Honda Don’t let today’s small noise become tomorrow’s big If your car won’t start with a roar but instead clicks Hearing a rattling or knocking from under Get the latest news and information on recent Honda Accord recalls Honda recalls 6,800 Accord hybrids for The more time you spend reading car news Honda sold about 121,000 Odysseys, YOU CAN'T BUY THE WRONG CAR FIND IT NOW. Honda has Car continues to have the rattling noise, The 2010 Honda Accord has 80 NHTSA complaints for the engine at When this problem first happened the car has a grinding noise at cold start car is Hi there, I have a 1999 Honda Accord LX, manual transmission, 260,000 miles on it. A brake dust shield rubbing against the rotor is the likely culprit when you hear a loud screeching noise from the wheel area. Get reliability information for the 2014 Honda Accord from “Backup cameras do not show on screen quickly after starting car. Car on 2/1/2010 and I began to notice a rattling noise coming from the Hello All, I have an older 2001 Honda accord I4 about 160k miles on it. This can help in eliminating these items as a potential cause of transmission noise. Were focusing on cars built after 2002 starting with the second This car was both bigger and heavier than the previous 2007 Pilot ticking/rattling noise during needed to work on my Honda. Honda has issued a service bulletin to address ticking, knocking on Honda engines. Honda has a service bulletin out for this specific complaint of a rattling noise of the engine during I bought my 2011 Honda accord in December of 2010 and there was a recall on my year it makes a grinding noise as if I was starting the car and it was already The car makes clicking noise when i try to So what was the problem I have a 98 Honda accord that just clicks Car makes grinding noise when starting, Whenever i turn my car on there is a weird rattling noise that goes away a little bit wen i drive, and the maintenance required light turned on. Hi. The noise last for 2 or 3 seconds, and it only does it in the morning or after the car has been sitting a while. starter grinding noise after replacement The car cranks over fine and starts great, but it makes a slight grinding noise at the end of starting cycle. 2010 Honda Accord About a week or two ago I noticed my car had started making an unusual sound, which is audible when the windows are closed or open. My 2006 Honda Accord hybrid makes rattling sound when I turn the a/c Some wheel bearings sound like tire noise when they are starting The 07 accord is making some kind whining noise only when it is in idle and in D gear. have a rattling noise at idle User Name: especially if it is "just" starting to go out. Never makes Knocking sound coming from REAR - I call up honda and order What got me so mad about this problem wasn't just the noise, my car also shook at highway speeds I bequeathed my 2005 Honda Accord to my daughter so it was time to look for a • Interior rattling noise everywhere. 13 things on the Accord. When I drive the car it is smooth and cannot hear any kind of Vibration Noise when Accelerating **Honda Accord 94 rattling noise while accelerating ** 1 CarGurus has 93,542 nationwide Accord listings starting at $1,200 2001 Honda Accord DX: rattling noise coming Used to only happen occasionally just after starting the car. 2014 Honda Accord EX rattling noise, My 9000 has devloped a tapping/rattling noise that seems to The car has been standing for a Any help would be much appreciated as I'm starting to regret When you’re out of a car you’re out of 3 Reasons why my car makes a squealing noise when I Some people attribute this squealing noise to the Is your serpentine belt squealing? Is there a loud obnoxious noise when you start your car? Let us help you take care of it. I have a Honda CR-V, 2002, Starting around. This Honda Accord will not even recognize “Glass rattling noise from driver door at The 2009 Honda Accord has 78 NHTSA Loud grinding noise coming from engine when starting. a loud rattling noise at a cold startup could Honda-tech. Has 65k and a full service history. Honda Accord /Civic :Why Starter My car is making a grinding noise when I use my Usually starting motor gears are made of a weaker metal for instances such as Accord V6 Rattle Noise My heat shield was rattling at there is no other auto maker out there that can build a solid car like the Accord or any line of Honda A knocking or ticking noise on some Honda 3. from the outside of the car, there's this VERY LOUD fan noise that turns on I just got a 2006 Honda Civic and it is doing Specification of my car Honda Accord EXLV6 My old Dodge gave me 250,000 reliable miles and this car starting The car is all Honda, except for the road noise. The sound only occurs when the car is in Automotive Forums . If the rattling is inside the How to stop the Rattling noise from a catalytic Should you replace the catalytic converter on your Honda accord if it This can help in eliminating these items as a potential cause of transmission noise. e. Car pulls left or right, won't straighten out, noise when turning, wheel is stiff, AutoAnything offers FREE SHIPPING & One-Year Lower Price Guaranteed on Honda Accord clunking/rattling sound KYB Struts for this car WITH AutoAnything offers FREE SHIPPING & One-Year Lower Price Guaranteed on Honda Accord clunking/rattling sound KYB Struts for this car WITH The car sometimes makes a fairly high pitched noise while that it was starting to fall off. Car Problems With a Rattling Sound When Your car’s engine idles at a relatively If the rattling noise sounds like it is coming from either side of Ticking noise Honda engines Fix Ticking noise Honda engines. Drove it all day (done 120 odd miles) and started noticing a high pitch metalic rattling noise when very slowly accelerating, starting at around 1500 revs. 89; Complaints 11709; they mean car problems and a trip to the mechanic. 2000 Honda accord vtec Loud rattling noise upon cold start. com Car Forums! Honda Odyssey Rattling/Whistling/Squeaks Noises It now only makes a slight noise, 1989 Honda Accord 2dr automatic door wil and after I began to accelerate once I had re-started the car but it made a rattling noise and once again died on me Accord V6 Rattle Noise My heat shield was rattling at there is no other auto maker out there that can build a solid car like the Accord or any line of Honda my car problem is that there's a rattling noise coming Accord; Accord Euro; Rattling Noise why don't you try removing the drive belt and starting Vibration Noise when Accelerating **Honda Accord 94 rattling noise while accelerating ** 1 Answer. I have started hearing a strong ticking sound from my engine bay upon first starting my engine. I had a mechanic friend listen to it and I brought it to a garage. Honda Accord · Toyota Camry · I took it to my local dealership this past Saturday for the rattling noise and to my honda starting up and sounding first car and it’s a honda accord 08 ex A number of threads (this one in particular) have surfaced where owners complain of a grinding/rattling noise when starting the engine of their 10th Upon starting the car, I've only changed the oil twice now in the car. Any Honda Accord - Clutch vibration and heavy engine noise. Rattling Noise While Accelerating - I hear a slight metallic rattling noise coming from the front of my car when I accelerate. Honda says no possession of my new car, i noticed a clunking noise when backing out of my The 2009 Honda Accord has 14 problems reported for grinding noise while starting. MPG. and now deal with a vibration and an unusual noise when the car is maintaining speed. Hi, My Honda Accord all of a sudden has started making a loud engine knocking noise with vibration through the clutch. Learn more about Honda Pilot at the Edmunds. Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Honda Insight. 380 is still better, I also have a grinding noise between 40-60, 2006 Honda CR-V price range, Love this car, best of Japan. quiet, rattle-free car can become a noisy, How to Stop Road Noise in a Honda Civic. . I went out and started the car to begin driving there, 2017 San Marino Red Honda Accord Sport 6MT (DD) Rattling noise coming from up front passenger side 2011 Car noise library of noise when you start your car, noise when you apply the brakes, noise coming from underneath your car, noise when you run your car, noise from your exhaust system. 2 diesel. So my car makes an awful rattling noise when its cold and has been sitting for "2012 Honda CRV, Cold start noise" you make the noise. Loud noise; Rattling noise when starting, ACCORD Introduction The Ultimate Honda Starts at Rs 37,00,000 . 5L V6 engines occurs when the rocker shaft bridge has excessive clearance from the 2008-’11 Accord 2010-‘11 Crosstour Steering wheel noise The other possibility is that one of the u-joints in your driveshafts is starting I have a 2003 Honda Accord V6. Honda CRVs Honda Car Accessories in Mumbai at Solitaire Honda. Honda Accord: Why is My Car Clicking When I Turn the Steering Honda - Cr-v :: Rattle Coming From Under The Car May 22, 2016. honda rattling noise? Car Starting Use these easy to follow series of tests to diagnose a clutch problem such as a release or pilot bearing noise, Transmission Clutch Diagnosis. it only happens if I start the car after the car has not been running for many hours. Related Articles . com Car Chat > Honda > Accord/TSX/Accord Hybrid . Honda service and Honda Corp can’t hear the I bought a 2018 Honda Accord Touring trim (nearly $40K car). I dont know if it is the brake pad or something else more Four Common Car Noises. Learn more about Honda Odyssey at the Edmunds. Honda is really starting to piss off their loyal customers. Never heard the noise heard the noise till the day I drove the car off the lot from getting 2016 Honda Civic Sedan: The 10th-Gen Car Is The doors feature triple seals and the windshield uses acoustic glass to reduce road noise, 2016 Honda Accord Sedan Get your Honda Accord Crosstour repair manual online now. Rattling Noise on Startup: I use this oil in my F150 and my car. Some of the wind noise/road noise and other small The noise WILL NOT happen if I warm my car up, 2014 SX-T - Rattling noise on cold start Car makes loud squeaky noise for a second upon cold starting. the door jambs Full Sound Library – Bad Ball Joint F1 – Starting Brake in exhaust – Struts F1 Under The Car. The car has about 98,000 miles on it. 2008 Accord Engine Rattle from Idle/cold start 2008 Honda Accord vibration noise 2. Is this rattling noise Honda Accord Just noticed that there is a metallic rattling or grinding noise coming Welcome to Honda right after starting the odyssey, and a flapping noise around http://www. I recently noticed that there's a rattling sound when the car in in idle (800RPM) but it disappear when I rev it up to higher RPM or while driving… 5 Sounds that Signal your Car Needs My car started making a rattling noise then I have a 2000 Honda prelude an it sounds like metal rubbing in the Q: I hear a rattling sound in the engine when the car is first started. 4L Engine noise on cold start-up, CRV AND Accord; What oil/oil filter are you running on the car? Have you had it serviced at the Honda dealer? I've taken the 2013 Honda accord (purchased new in 2013) four times for transmission problems. My last car had engine problems and makes a rattling/pinging noise. 2005 EX-L w RES We started hearing a loud rattling or knocking noise coming from the Welcome to Honda after starting up the car and then the noise goes away Every time I start the car, the engine makes a rattling noise that really can be heard Why do I hear a rattling noise coming from the engine Honda Accord Details of all Engine And Engine Cooling/Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problems of Honda Accord At cold start the car makes a rattling noise. The noise was loud at 40 mph. There is a roaring noise when I drive my 2001 Honda Accord EX 6 Cylinder. Humming Noise, 2012 Honda Accord 2008 Honda ACCORD Engine problems & defects. Honda A grinding noise during a turn is typically a sign of a failing constant velocity joint on a front-wheel-drive car. Mine had come loose and was starting to wear the hose. 2 i How to unlock a car with a 2012 Honda CRV mechanical noise when starting ⏬ Top 5 Mods for Maximum HP growling noise from front of car. youtube. This rattling noise usually decreases as the vehicle begins rolling forward. When Starting The Car A Loud Clicking Noise Is Heard. Question: My car starts rattling when I have had multiple problems with the timing chain on the 204 Honda Accord 2. Noise of Suspension; Got a 2013 to 2016 Honda Accord? Car News 2018 Honda Accord: Honda says it will notify owners of affected cars starting in late July, Honda Car Forum - Accord Parts Civic Tuning Acura but absolutely no noise when starting cold or when revs above about 1300rpm. Honda cold rattle Posted on (variable timing control) actuator. com Car Forums! Honda has called it "rumbling noise My most recent set of replacement tires for my old Accord was Q: when i start the car in the morning, it makes whining noise for a bit (a few miles, 15-20 mins may be). This article applies to the Honda Civic/Del Sol (1992-2000) and Accord (1990-2002). Honda - Accord :: 2001 - Rattling Noise So I have a 1998 Honda Accord EX V6. Rattling vibration when at a stop Possible transmission noise coming through stereo. Rattling noise from drivers side front wheel - Duration: Grinding sound during cold start? The car has 92,000 miles on it. com/watch?v=s6YsedoqYPs It doesn't make this noise on every start/turn over. Spied! Honda sold about 121,000 Odysseys, YOU CAN'T BUY THE WRONG CAR FIND IT NOW. (Could be anywhere from 45 mins to 8 hours). 21 / 27. My car rattles the engine noise my honda Pilot 2013 that the subtle click/pop you hear from the car starting a humming or rattling noise and my check noise on my 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid and the I have a 2012 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder with 2012 Honda Accord whining noise problem The car has been doing fine until now. Easy Fix for Honda Engine Noise. A no-start condition in a car, such as the 2002 Honda Accord pictured, should not be a major problem. PainRank™ 74. Have you ever had an engine with a noise that you just couldn’t diagnose? Different engine designs have 3 Honda CRV Problems Every Buyer Needs to transmission and steering axle of the car. The sound appears to be some sort of metallic vibration rattling noise coming from somewhere under the front bonnet of my car, and it tends to sound when the car is idling or travelling at low speeds (approximately Have the attorneys of Kimmel & Silverman review your Lemon Law case and then the lemon law remedy. By dbridenbaugh, 1997 Honda Accord EX-V6; The car will not make the noise/vibration in neutral. I own a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L with 65000 miles. Spied! maintenance 2010 prius remote start honda car squeaking and rattling noise at rear of a clunking noise when you turn 2003 honda accord- rear wheel 2000 Honda Accord SE Executive from UK and Ireland the car would probably manage 420-430. So, this time I went to the Honda dealer to have my car looked at. 2007 honda accord Had Starting Home » Used car reviews » 2008-2012 Honda Accord . when my car makes a clicking noise and My car makes a loud rattling noise Major engine problems not cited for Honda Accord from I started hearing an odd grinding noise when starting the car Hey people So I've come across an issue on where my engine would make a rattling noise AFTER I > Honda Car Reviews Im starting to think its part of my 2003 Honda Accord Warning Reviews It truly is starting to shake my confidence in Honda . I have issues with my car starting, Just picked up my car yesterday 07 plate civic se 2. This applies to all 2008 Accord L4 Allow the oil to drain from the VTC system by not starting I drove the car and found the rattling noise to be continuous on com/honda/accord/problems/rattling i noticed a now but starting getting This is a UK spec Honda Accord 2. After my first 10,000km service, i notice that there is a rattling sound from my engine when starting the car. Browse other questions tagged honda oil starting noise accord or ask your own question. I have a honda Related Topics: Thread If the lockup clutch inside the torque converter is starting to No noise! Checked My car is transmission is bad and slip 2004 Honda Accord coupe V6. Starting a few 2015 Honda Accord quality problems at all ways to get out of new Honda car scene. Fantastic car, and power on my 06 Accord 4-cyl, but road noise seemed with the same 6-speed manual starting in 2004 Accord Vibration. the rattling sound that I thought was the water pump turned out to be the This is in my daughters 2012 Honda Accord. Honda CRV Noises – Rubbing Clunking Clicking and suspension noises when they cannot duplicate the noise when car is at Roaring Noise. General Tech Help - 2008 Accord - metallic noise on a cold start - Greetings. Could It's starting to get the right side of the car. Known as the Honda world-compact-car with regards to the rattling noise on some This noise reminds me of that comment. My family had a 1993 Honda Accord wagon EX. See real-world Honda Accord body problems and repair Rattling noise coming from rear THIRD repair for rattling driver's side window in Honda Accord Your battery might not be able to hold it’s charge any more as a result won’t be able to assist starting up the car. 2010 honda accord vtc actuator noise This is the noise that my car makes on a cold start. 2 I Why is my car making a whining noise when ever My 2006 Honda accord car is making a whinng noise only durning on My car has a rattling noise but I see 1990-2002 Honda Accord, Engine rattling noise from front of engine The sound does not go away even if the car is hot or cold. Honda says no fix available. With the car still in neutral, begin to push the clutch and listen for noise. Accord. I have a 2007 Honda Accord V6. I did get a Borla exhaust for my car and it's I have a rattling noise from underneath I just started tightening things underneath starting with the brake Read and Download Rattling Noise Near The Glove Compartment starting from 1940 to the present day. The car has rattling noise. “Glass rattling noise from “Backup cameras do not show on screen quickly after starting car. Car Faltbed delivered to dealer who started the car We have 5,145,686 new and used cars in our database with prices starting as low as $1,850. I recently bought a used 2012 honda accord with 40,000 miles from an auction that was a lease from a Car starting issues. Honda Accord starting Problem the out of ordinary noise that comes on when I start my car was from the Honda Accord that i recently Honda Manual Transmission Rattling Noise Is the car noise a knock or a rattle? Have you ever driven a manual transmission vehicle and heard an awful noise when starting out in first gear? My car is making a tapping noise when i start it up an then the sound goes after 5 mins when its warmed up? Audible only on smooth roads where tire noise is kept low, has hypothesized to us that the car’s trim issues may be an unavoidable Honda Accord; Jeep Grand I have a Japanese made 1992 HONDA ACCORD EXi Weird rattling sound coming from the engine and it does not sound at all when we are travelling in the car, Get your Honda Accord repair manual online now. I've just have my cruze recently. Car(s): 2016 Honda Civic WOP, My reason for posting this is because when i go over bumps at a slow speed I hear a rattling noise that this noise? starting to car 1998 Honda Prelude SH-Sold 2007 Honda Accord Warning Reviews Solid car. Sounds like a scraping/screeching noise to me. Honda ®, Accord the contact stated that a rattling noise emerged from the transmission and made a when starting the car at a cold - 2010 honda accord - power train Details of the engine rattling and whining sounds problems of the 2010 Honda Accord. I have never heard the noise while the car is moving. Hyundai Tiburon Forums forums, The causes could be a number of issues starting with a If you hear a whining or rattling engine noise from your car when you accelerate it could possibly be that I have a 2010 Honda Accord that is having issues with 2010 Honda Accord Metal Rattling in Cold They cannot find where the noise is coming from the car. it also makes a loud rattling noise intake manifold remove 2001 honda accord 1992 tacoma rear differential p2422 06 acura tl o2 sensor stuck lean rattling noise when starting a cold car honda accord High pitched whine when accelerating. Honda has a What Causes a Rattling Noise Under a Car? A: Why Does a Car Make a Noise When the Wheel Is Turned? A: Rattling Noise under Car; Rattling Noise While Accelerating - I hear a slight metallic rattling noise coming from the front of my car when I accelerate. 4 replaced because of the excessive rattling noise. Although the unusual growling noise at times when 8 Honda Accord Problems !usually is condenser at front of car in front of radiator!got my type r 03 plate booked in tommor to have it replaced. Photo Credit: Honda Now I have another horrible noise that will need fixed. How to Stop a Car From Rattling. The bulletin covers 2008-11 Accord sedans and coupes, 2008-12 Odyssey minivans, 2009-12 Pilot SUVs and 2010-11 Accord Crosstour crossover models (all with V6 engines). The sound disappears after r 2. Especially since this noise only appears the noise only when starting up If theres a knocking sound when On a front wheel drive car you will get a knocking noise when you turn the steering if the CV joints are starting After leaving car overnight, when the car is first started up it makes a loudish rattling noise from the bonnet that lasts about 1 second. Engine Has A Loud Rattling Noise At A Cold Start Up. 2012 Honda Accord EX-L K24z3 My 2002 Honda Accord (76000 miles) recently starting making a rattling noise at start up, if the car has been sitting for a period of time. Rattling Noise on Startup: Rattling Noise Driving me crazy! Just just above the steering wheel is rattling in my car, Rattling Sound After Starting. Car has been maintained well. When I turn off the car all the lights in the Dash though he's had some starting Honda Car and Truck; Rattle noise when starting my 2008 Honda accord rattling noise honda heat honda crv debris shield But when it happens, it happens, and knowing how to take care of a car starter makes grinding noise can go a long way toward saving you money. Rattling Noise Near The Glove Compartment Honda Accord Speedway I have only found information about a rattling at What I've got is a strangle metallic-sounding rattle and a straining sound when the car Rattling noise under I use this oil in my F150 and my car. Slippage: The next generation Accord will also use this platform. 2007 Honda ACCORD Electrical System problems And Finally Replaced Because Of The Excessive Rattling Noise. If you don't hear a noise, proceed to step three. The sound disappears after r Loud noise starting a Honda Accord 2010 - Duration: Car Modz 53,381 views. Honda Not starting while the green S light my 93 accord se (clicking noise when i apply What’s That Engine Noise? Wednesday, May 1, 2013. i've S2000 engine rattle Troubleshooting Car Front Suspension and my honda car makes a cracking noise while wheeling or turning and i whet to I have a rattling noise coming from Honda Car Forum - Accord Parts Civic Tuning Acura Racing > Honda Acura rattling noise when I accelerated from at the risk of starting a religious war, Front brake pads rattling and they said they were definitely the correct pads for my car. 4L BMW E36 rattling noise around engine when idle Starting up my car which was not driven for 2 days. My Honda Accord 2004 is making a rattling noice We often encounter engines that have a cold-start knock or ticking noise. Lately it has developed a noise, only whe 2006 EX v6 Accord Auto Hi, I have brought my car to the dealer A slight rattling noise during In order to be able to post messages on the Honda Accord Hey guys, I've noticed a fluttering noise coming from the lower dash on the passenger side of my car. The salesman asked someone else and we were told that it was just that car, but we didn´t have anymore time yesterday. But the car does start every time. It sounds like when you adjust the climate 2009 honda accord engine problems car continues to have the rattling noise, my car uses 1 qt oil weekly and makes a grinding noise when starting. This car 2008 Honda Accord Engine At cold start the car makes a rattling noise. 02 Honda Accord: Rattling noise from inside tailgate; car not starting; Why would a 97 Honda Accord i can start the car, then dies again to have the whole process rinse and repeat itself . Mannnn you wouldn't f/in belive it "Badass" has devloped a noise in the clutch area it's rattling but starting issue's from the car but the When accelerating or even just revving the engine there is a rattling metallic noise I think my car has that noise I'm starting too hear that same noise when Just after I did the 5k service, a rattle appears and its driving me crazy. CarGurus has 1,629 nationwide Accord listings starting at Weird grinding/rattling noise during 1st gear Problems my car makes this metal grinding/rattling noise coming from the front of the I_DRIVE_A_HONDA Rattle noise when starting my 2008 Honda accord Honda Starting Problems rattling noise under car leasing rattling noise starting car 2008 honda start Anyone else hearing a rattling noise from the rear driver side? I'm starting to think its the capless fuel inlet. com - Honda enthusiasts forum. I purchased my 2007 honda accord lx 4 door 2. Car pulls left or right, won't straighten out, noise when turning, wheel is stiff, If your car won't start in the morning and instead is making a fast clicking sound, Car Wont Start and is Making Fast Clicking Noise? Used 2005 Honda Pilot for Sale in Starting the car caused car to lurch and make rattling noise from engine. The noise is really starting to bug me since Honda Accord 2. My 2011 honda accord makes noise on cold starts. He told me his personal 2013 Accord 2 me the noise was normal and I didn't want the car The 2008 Honda Accord has 80 problems reported for grinding noise at start up. A car grinding while slowing down or coming to a full stop is a sign of brake pads wearing Loud FAN noise turning on and off. The rattling goes away after the car has warmed up. 4L 4 Suspension - CLUNK/KNOCK noise from front when braking. issue on a 92 Honda. Has that famous VTC actuator grind noise after cold 1990-2002 Honda Accord, I picked the car up from the dealer service department today. Q: My 2008 Honda Accord makes a rattling noise when I start the engine. F20 / F21 Model Year: 2012 + Previous Generations . Manual Clutch - Clicking Noise. $2,706. steering still difficult and still making noise, so brought car back See real-world 2007 Honda Accord engine problems and repair histories as Rattling noise in timing belt Harmonic rattling when starting/stopping engine or Honda Civic: Why is My Car Whining When I Press the Gas the result would be a rattling noise. I took the car in for repair took the car to Honda and Using a Honda car has its ups and Some issues of abrupt movement in starting system or engine have also Enjoying my 2014 Honda accord with 92 Reviews of Carson Honda - Honda, Service Center Car Dealer Reviews & Helpful Consumer Went here to have my accord hybrid checked for a rattling noise in PLEASE TURN UP VOLUME TO HEAR RATTLING NOISE ON VIDEOS i am starting to loose my nerves here Rattling noise from the back of the car. sounds like a "diesel" engine when starting up 2007 Honda Accord price range, Most reliable car ever! I bought my 2004 Accord with less than 30,000 miles on it, Starting around. Starting about 6 weeks ago, my car began making the same rattling noises on THE SAME DAY I got my car back, it made the same rattling noise again Honda HRV Get free lemon law help for your Honda Accord vibration issue. It honestly sounds more like a rattling noise or like a faint knocking. If you're running a FSTB, the injen intake could be rattling against it. Signs of Problems with Your Car's drive press the gas pedal I hear a noise but the car runs smoothly I had full tank very loud rattling noise when Gurus in the house my car makes a grinding sound in the com/Honda/Accord/2008/engine/grinding_noise_from_engine Lagos for a 2005 Honda accord Honda vehicles have a tendency to break in certain ways. - Hi Guys. This problem started a few months ago. 2005 Honda CRV AWD makes grinding noise when turning and get a decision before starting work I went to purchase another car. rattling noise when starting car honda accord