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renjun jeno tumblr s l o w motion MASTERLIST Read before requesting! * = Dedicated posts (not stories) ! = Recently posted [[MORE]] Taeil Coffee Shop Boyfriend! Taeil Experience Husband! Taeil Jealousy Taeyong Boyfriend! Originally posted by jenosmin • summary: jeno angst with a happy ending • pairing: lee jeno x male!reader • word count: 1322 • warnings: none! • to do Jeno knocks on your door quickly, bouncing up and down on his heels. Without thinking he stood up too and separated them. king of nojaem, lee jeno. ask blog ask-nctdreamies jeno renjun jaemin mark haechan chenle jisung lee jeno huang renjun na jaemin mark lee lee donghyuck zhong chenle park jisung nct dream nct anon replies I will buy you muffins jisungie *giggles and blushes cutely* - mini muffin: Originally posted by radgies *I would so use this gif in the gang series if it weren’t for the fact that Taeyong wasn’t in the same gang as the others : Selama 3 hari itu, Jeno belum bisa "membaca" motif Renjun, siapa Renjun, bagaimana masa lalu Renjun. renjunsglasses liked this these arent heart but i needed to share cause im shaking in sadness and love haechan donghyuck renjun jeno lq haechan lq donghyuck lq renjun lq jeno nct lq nct. “NO, YOU CAN’T DIE ON ME!” [10:22pm] Renjun cuddles closer to you as you turn to face him and lay your head on his chest. welcome enjoy the icons and headers thanks for visting. jeno: chicken flavored this actually happened to me my friend says the dumbest shit but i love her nct nct incorrect texts nct incorrect quotes nct incorrect nct texts nct quotes nct fake subs nct fake chats nct fake quotes nct fake texts nct dream nct u nct 127 nct 2018 [10:22pm] Renjun cuddles closer to you as you turn to face him and lay your head on his chest. “No problem,” Jeno tells them. [5:01 PM] renjun grabs your hand, dragging you into the moomin café, his eyes wide in excitement. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to leave a message! We feel honored if you like our works enough to use them, but please take them out with credit! Lucas nct Renjun Jeno NCT SM Rookies Mark lee NCT Dream Winwin NCT 127 TAEYONG Founding fathers Forwards NCT otherwise known as NCTINFO, a site providing the latest in news, media, translations, fantaken images and everything regarding S. I swear Jeno is checking out Renjun. But when he saw you after the summer and you had changed so much and all the guys at school began to look at you differently he would feel much more of a need to talk to you. I cant even tell you how much I fucking flipped out when jeno got an Andy Warhol can my inner postei e perdao nene pq o jisung jeno e renjun nao tiveram muito foco nessa parte do programa entao só consegui fazer 1 icon de cada um :( norenmin nct dream renjun jaemin jeno nct nct fanart v taehyung kim taehyung drawing adobe draw adobe illustrator fanart fan art artists on tumblr bts bts v bts Jeno: He is a younger brother but I have lots of things to learn from him. i havent seen the sun in months lol and i barbecued today!!! it was great im so full. nakamotens posted this If anyone made an imagine, scenario, fic, or moodboard, or legit anything inspired by this edit I made I would for real be so happy and love you forever Renjun: Please shut up nct nct dream nct 127 nct u renjun huang renjun chenle jisung mark lee winwin yuta jaehyun taeyong johnny seo kpop jeno haechan jaemin qian kun jungwoo yukhei doyoung 221 notes kpop nct u nct nct 127 yuta taeyong jaehyun winwin doyoung johnny seo mark lee haechan taeil jisung jeno chenle renjun ten chittaphon kpop imagines kpop scenarios 7,820 notes Jun 22nd, 2017 huang renjun lee jeno lee donghyuck (haechan) ↳ bad boy jeno broke up with y/n on a thursday. yeah, hi guys, to make it short, i will delete tumblr for a while because of personal reasons so i won’t be around. does he ever stare at the mirror too long and wonder if he’s the the signs and what they should be doing right now aries - STREAM WE YOUNG taurus - STREAM WE YOUNG gemini - STREAM WE YOUNG cancer - STREAM WE YOUNG leo - STREAM WE YOUNG virgo - STREAM WE YOUNG libra ahh nana and jeno are always so cute together ️ Find this Pin and more on Neo Culture Technology ️ by Chloe Yarwood. y/n is a new student moving from busan with her parents, hoping to find her soulmate along the way. they are very open and warm to each other! they should just be careful with overindulgence from both #00 line squad #jeno is missing #wanderlust #underage drinking and the summer before college #mild murder mystery in disguise #five part series dear dream: a memoir i will write you a memoir, under the sole condition that you agree with me that life is to be defined by all the times you fall in love. nakamotens:. He would be more clingy than usual just to make sure you love only him. com - renjun 0 sil-an: ↖ This Tumblr User wishes Bang Chan a great 21st Birthday & hopes for him to always keep that precious smile of his and never stop believing he is beautiful just the way he is. jaemin feels the tears coming up, he pushes them down, he relishes in the feeling of someone liking him. gong (via 07ten) nct jaemin nct dream nct na jaemin na jaemin. pairing; huang renjun x genderneutral!reader summary; in which you laugh off the joke about the insidious hanahaki disease, something that affects only one-sided love, while trying to stop the bouquet of white lilies from pouring out of your lungs. Enjoy your stay here and feel free to leave a message! We feel honored if you like our works enough to use them, but please take them out with credit! jeno playing mafia (and nct quotes jaemin nct funny nct dream nct u nct 127 na jaemin nct fake texts nct scenarios nct imagines nct fake subs nct reactions renjun Welcome to neotechs; a blog dedicated to S. that’s some good shit right there. Renjun: “You sure you don’t want me to kill him?” Jeno asks for the 100th time, as you quickly gather your belongings from the door before Renjun got back. i care about you, i don’t pity people. Filed under >>jeno lee jeno mark lee huang renjun lee donghyuck na jaemin zhong chenle park jisung nct nct dream nct u nct 127 nct 116 black on black markhyuck nomin renmin noren norenmin chensung god jisung park nana nct dream scenarios nct scenario nct reactions nct dream reactions jenojam nct jeno [5:01 PM] renjun grabs your hand, dragging you into the moomin café, his eyes wide in excitement. #jeno #fantaken. but jeno in that beret yes pLz nct nct dream nct go up go up. [7:15 AM] you walked into class to find a strawberry milk sitting on your desk. So he always ends up having a midnight snack. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Jeno is the then u and Jeno continue being lame together with Renjun and Mark you guys are popular on your school like all of the girls wants Jeno and all of the boys want you, yeah like that kind of “sibling stars” :p You’re like an older brother to them all: Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. their lips meet, and renjun’s curtains close. @huarenjuwun and @ggukxie can reach me on kakaotalk if someone wants to tell me something or such. beyhive4ever: #nct #mini game heaven #kun #ten #jungwoo #lucas #renjun #jeno #jaemin #chenle #jisung #ep1 #v app #game #18 Anonymous: hello huhu pls reupload nct nigh night w ten and taeyong huhu it has been terminated by yt prom! renjun. 1238 April 3rd Source Reblog. Someone who’s a little more on the curvy side and likes to look after themselves and work out. Sep 16, 2018 neojeno — 3,886 notes — Tags: fairiell jeno rly ripped off his sleeve like tht. when her Rising Signs That NCT Would Be Attracted To “Your rising sign (also called your ascendant) shows how people see you, their first impression of you, how you show yourself to the world, and your outward Donghyuck: If you’re not in love with Jeno by now, you’re probably in love with Renjun Jaemin: Bold of you to assume I’m not in love with both Renjun I am so iffy about him… but I’m gonna say he’s neutral on PDA, like he’ll hold your hand and maybe give you a kiss on the cheek but he won’t go all out like SOME people will(I’m looking at you, Hyuck and Jaemin) in public. nct nct dream mark lee haechan nct scenarios kpop jeno nct mark nct haechan renjun chenle jisung lee jeno jaemin nct jeno nct jisung nct ` dawn w/ lee jeno ♡ nct nct dream nct 2018 nct imagines nct icons nct moodboard nct aesthetic nct imagine nct moodboards nct aesthetics nct renjun renjun Once it was safely in his grasp, Jeno met Renjun’s gaze. fluff. I like him so much! I like him so much! Haechan : He’s a funny, charming, and mischievous younger brother. ♡ happy birthday to the sweetest boy with the sharpest tongue! we love you, renjun ♡ aahhh hes so funny too savage 2k18 renjun is constantly a mood renjun huang renjun nct nct 2018 nct dream i think mark is leaving dream after go up. #nct #nct dream #mark #renjun #jeno #haechan #jaemin #chenle #jisung #lee mark #huang renjun #lee jeno #lee donghyuck #na jaemin #zhong chenle #park jisung #chewing gum #chewing gum backwards #backwards kpop song “Uh Guys,” Renjun announced, “I think the couple wants to be alone. nct: jeno and you like each other but he thinks you and lucas are dating. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. And with Chenle and Jisung being awkward again… well, Mark and Donghyuck were the only ones left. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Posts on Tumblr: anonymous asked: nct nct dream nct u nct lq mark haechan jeno renjun jaemin chenle jisung bw mark lq renjun lq jeno lq haechan lq jaemin lq (but he actually didn’t the person just decided to scream her confess to him in the cafeteria,,, but jeno,,, didn’t really like her and so kindLY rejected but she just made it so dramatic) so you just pass by him and didn’t even dare to look this has the same energy as 2012 tumblr talking abt superwholock i already have my renjun url ready for after halloween and christmas #jeno . Donghyuck: i think you mean “give me strength. invented bangtan. mads it might take a while, but i’ll find my place. I think nce it ends, he would want to watch another one Jisung Why are people so pressed about Jungwoo possibly being added into 127? Can’t relate, I stan all 18 of them so hard that I wouldn’t mind if any of them were put into that unit. 1 month ago why are they like this shjsjs jaeno nomin jeno jaemin nct soft edits. Jungwoo can't choose a favorite he's too sweet yall like my diagrams lol nct nct dream nct dreamies dreamies nct jisung nct chenle nct jaemin nct haechan nct jeno nct renjun nct mark mark chenle jisung renjun jaemin jeno haechan nct fanart nct fan art nct dream fanart nct dream fan art nctzen doodle [nct dream meeting] Mark: lord, give me patience. All the moments we spend together is happiness! ︎ Mark markhyuckfilms. renjun and you stood at up literally at the! same! time! ready to attack and thats where both of you realized just how similar you are and became a closer and thats also when renjun realized he might have feelings for you Jeno: Jeno here would be very salty towards that member who is your bias. 1 Followers, 6 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @nct_renjun soft imagines nct dream soft nct dream soft hours nct dream fluff mark fluff renjun fluff jeno fluff donghyuck fluff haechan fluff jaemin fluff chenle fluff jisung fluff nct dream blurbs nct dream imagines nct dream nct dream prompts lee donghyuck lee jeno na jaemin nct huang renjun zhong chenle mark lee park jisung q: baking with donghyuck Kehidupan Sehari-hari NCT Dream di Dorm Or out dorm Jeno Renjun Ji… #fiksiumum # Fiksi umum # amreading # books # wattpad Find this Pin and more on HUANG RENJUN! by Mark Hyuck . tumblr. instagram. #00 line squad #jeno is missing #wanderlust #underage drinking and the summer before college #mild murder mystery in disguise #five part series dear dream: a memoir i will write you a memoir, under the sole condition that you agree with me that life is to be defined by all the times you fall in love. from Tumblr. We are going to make an archive of every NCT video that has been subbed in English. Originally posted by nctaezen huang renjun being your prom date and shows how he asked you uwu requested by : cute anon! this was so cute to do! and my uwu machine almost broke omg chenle chewing gum haechan jaemin jeno jisung k-pop k-pop debut kpop kpop debut mark nct nct chenle nct dream nct dream chewing gum nct dream debut nct haechan nct jaemin nct jeno nct jisung nct mark nct renjun neo culture technology renjun sm sm ent sm entertainment sm stan sm stans smtown Mark and Jeno: this bitch empty, YEET! Renjun: 1. 2gris:. Renjun smirked harder, leaning back on his heels as he absorbed Jeno’s response He hummed low in his throat, lower than Jeno thought he’d ever heard his normally light and airy voice go “Thought so,” Renjun drawled, his eyes gazing into Jeno’s renjun ?? looking taller ?? than jisung ?? wHat a dAy tO bE aLive. Sacred rules of having a roommate: 1) Don’t sleep with them. “Uh yeah babe, just a second,” you wiped your tears and opened your bedroom door with a fake smile. Photoset. Lee Jeno was a friend of yours and as well of Jaemin’s back in 7th grade, Jeno had asked you out only for him to leave you at the end of 8th grade to travel. this is so sad alexa play fanfare. He can’t bring himself to even picture your smiling face and adorably oversized sweater without feeling guilty. Snuggled up on your couch, legs entangled as you fall asleep in his arms. if you're feeling the vibe now, one step, two steps. NCT 🍒 Dreamies reassuringly anxious! Reader ~requested by anon~ I hope you made good exam results! admin Lil i suddenly love life ?? wow ok so like broski,, jeno and mark doing baby dont stop just saved my whole day oOf wow perfection. addi. #nct #incorrect nct quotes #jaemin #renjun #renmin #nct funny #huang renjun #na jaemin #nct dream #nct 127 #nct u #nct fake chats #nct fake subs #nct fake texts #nct imagines #nct scenarios #jeno #mark lee #haechan #chenle #nct jisung #wong yukhei #jungwoo #taeyong #jaehyun #johnny seo #doyoung #kpop #kpop funny # #jaemin # jeno # jaemin moodboard # jeno moodboard # nct # nct moodboard # nct u # nct 127 # nct dream # nct 2018 # na jaemin # lee jeno # final fantasy # nomin # ffxnct # i made this moodboard before jaemin dyed his hair to be similar to lightning's #jaemin # jeno # jaemin moodboard # jeno moodboard # nct # nct moodboard # nct u # nct 127 # nct dream # nct 2018 # na jaemin # lee jeno # final fantasy # nomin # ffxnct # i made this moodboard before jaemin dyed his hair to be similar to lightning's Kissing Renjun “request: can I get some uhhhhhhhhhhhh first kiss fluff with renjun pls? a/n: i changed this a bit to all types of kisses bc i love kisses and want to write more about them all in “treating you like what? a friend? cause renjun, i don’t know whatever you’ve got spinning in your fucking head, but you’re so selfish. that’s probably why renjun cried. To continue our NCT Halloween Moodboards, the queue is; Wolf!Jeno Ghost!Jaemin Merman!Chenle Fae!Jisung Reaper!Haechan Vampire!Renjun Djinn!Mark Fates!Taeyong, Ten, & Yuta Renjun: Twitter and Instagram get flooded with photos of you and Renjun having matching face masks, bracelets, and hats. September 17, 2018 42 notes. Sep ⇒ nct dream mvs as netflix programs insp | cr. But we are not subbers. “Everyone likes her, Jeno,” Taeyong says, a broad smile forming on his features. “Jeno, can we cuddle?” You’d ask as you both were laying on his bed just talking about each others Jeno gasps for air, his hands trembling with his nonexistent blood. There’s no one who doesn’t like Mark haechan, mark, renjun, chenle: loud jeno : jeno Source: nakamotens nct nct dream gif mark mark lee haechan jeno donghyuck lee donghyuck lee jeno meme moomin renjun jisung park jisung na jaemin jaemin nana buffno watermelon full sun chenle zhong chenle lele jisung pwark I follow back from @dreamteamn | scream at me about jejun anytime💕 #nct renjun #nct jeno #nct jisung #nct chenle. Jul 31, Betsuma website update with Sawako and Shouta: Preview for the November issue out on October 12th Yes, it is I ya boi sehungotbaek. hyunjeno: “ I’ll be your home + ” damn I’m not ready for marks graduation aromatic breath by adequater. Jeno: Originally posted by na-jmin. You’re chatting excitedly and doing some last minute planning for tomorrow’s event, picking which outfits you’re going to wear and what you’re going to say to the boys. I'm Renata. You sighed to yourself and silently cried harder, in your fit of anger and sadness you had completely forgotten that Jeno was coming over. 1587 April 2nd Source renjun: aggressively showing the members his love nct dream nct mark nct renjun nct jeno nct chenle nct jisung nct jaemin nct haechan nct nct 2018 nct 127 nct u young love. you’re the first person who hasn’t treated me like they needed more from me. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram. Renjun: Lol get the fuck up. Hi I was wondering if you know where a scan of renjun eating in-n-out in the empathy album is? I’ve been trying to look for days but can’t find any online 😭 [7:39 PM] Jeno swoops you up into a hug and spins you around, peppering your face with light kisses once your back on the ground. You’ve raised them in a sense, even listening to them talk about you, it’s clear how they all look up to you. Renjun’s train of thought was immediately cut off by y/n and Jeno’s team winning in the game. 's cross cultural boy group NCT and their first sub-unit NCT U. . “I’ve got to head to class. 180914 / 528. NCT - Ideal Type (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan) This is my opinion, it’s okay if you disagree hoshi-the-dancing-crab liked this . (This was meant to be a basic post but I got distracted by animals… and then kittens…. this is a very nice aspect that stimulates a real, strong friendship. dovounq: jaemin jamming to idol. Find this Pin and more on n sea tea by heychan. ” genre: pinch of angst but fluffy ending. They celebrated and jumped around, then hugged each other. i will protect jeno and taeil to the death. nct nct dream nct jeno Jeno’s miraculous win against Chenle (the King of Games) NCT NCT Dream Park JiSung JiSung Huang RenJun RenJun Zhong ChenLe ChenLe Lee Jeno Jeno NCT Life NCT LIFE Entertainment Retreat gif gif: Jeno gif: JiSung gif: RenJun gif: ChenLe gif: NCT DREAM era: my first and last fav pouty jaemin just wants renjun’s full attention. https://www. huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang renjun ☘️ huang Renjun eyes the table and listens to Jeno’s rants about the shirt you wore today. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. This blog is dedicated to SM Entertainment's NCT unit “NCT DREAM" ,which consists of seven members Jisung,Chenle,Jeno,Mark,Haechan,Renjun and Jaemin. ♡ • exo & nct icons + headers • ♡ @johnhunie on twitter. welcome to our nct blog! Renjun seemed to have noticed your comfort since he looked at you from the side and silently giggled. Hello!~ Can I request? Renjun + Jeno + Jaemin as Detectives? They were doing some work and in disguised, but you did something that the suspects saw/ noticed them and the suspects ran away. Doesn’t have to be a gym-junkie or anything, but he’d like it if they at least ate healthy and did a little exercise. A smile that started jeno ’s the kid who ends up captain of three of the school’s sports teams, the big jock with lots of friends and cool reputations who everyone’s afraid of at first (until they see him smile), the guy who’s acquainted with everyone and who lets his friends borrow his lettermen jackets and hoodies whenever they want and who gets shy with nct nct dream mark lee jeno renjun haechan jaemin chenle jisung. Mark, Renjun, Chenle, Jisung, Haechan and Jeno in "We Young" - NCT Dream ♡ Here’s What’s Happening With NCT’s Missing Member Jaemin NCT Jaemin, hasn’t made an appearance since his debut with NCT Dream in NCT’s Jaemin Is Rarely Seen Ever Since His Debut, Fans Conce. ” You say, appalled by his confession. and then they did the 7th sense ?? also perfection jeno said marks long ass ride and i stopped breathing I thought it was funny lmao idk why don’t ask aND THEN TOUCH OOF chenle as center yes boo thats that good ish,, renjun was cute too like wow love me some renjun #would anyone believe me if i said i fucking screamed when i heard renjun do jungwoos part i=n bossiofbygeyuvbfj #oht kiyddcn what tefh uck this is the best thin g gofffdddd fuck health insurance only when jeno doesn’t play bc you and renjun swear he’s a scammer there’s no other explanation why he keeps winning and when lunch comes around you two and the dreamies sneak off to go eat at the local sandwich shop Tweet with a location. I enjoyed far too much 😂 tumblr_p7p4wnyy331vusyoto2_1280. M. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. the further apart you are, the colder it gets and closer you are, the warmer the pendant is. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna hi, I'm aeliana. “This is the moment where friendship is tested,” Renjun whispers as we watch in anticipation. Sep 16, 2018. Renjun. x x. 1aeyong: jaemin v. lee-yujin-love liked this . Before the two boys standing in the hallway could realize what was happening, the door was slammed in their faces. ” Mark: if the lord gave me strength, you’d all be dead. he talks a lot more during interviews and v lives and it just makes me so proud to have watched him grow + improve like you don’t have to stan him to appreciate him… so appreciate chenle :) . Pria mungil berambut pirang itu bersikap normal, sebagaimana selama ini Jeno mengenalnya: manja, cerewet, ceroboh, agak bodoh. When you guys would finally be performing on music shows and such every performance he would be heart eyes at you. paula defwang's main blog. Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays unless otherwise stated + And you are my angel Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. This blog will be your #1 source on getting the latest news and updates about them, latest pictures,videos,translation and everything else related to them. sorry i just had to break it to yall nct nct dream nct mark nct renjun nct chenle nct jisung nct jeno nct haechan nct jaemin mark renjun chenle jisung jeno haechan jaemin “winwin for @jaewin, @nctwinwin & anon ♡ ” blog for nct and all its units! thenct → yongs. where jeno loves anything beautiful and renjun is one of it ; Tumblr See more. renjun nct dream nct injun huang renjun little prince nct dream go up beautiful renjun the most handsome beauty edit hwang renjun orange renjun 17 notes Aug 31st, 2018 Open in app jeno’s ticklish tho so whenever renjun gets anywhere near his neck, he shrivels up like a prune and ends up curled up in a ball on the ground giggling jaemin the type to have jeno sit on one side of his lap and tells renjun he can sit on the other side Why have 1 bias when you can have 19 // kpop horoscopes // writing and stuff // main blog for reblogs // It’s been 2 years since NCT DREAM has met everyone!! Please continue to take care of us ♡♡ Jaemin. not even sorry) Mark. Jisung (And right at the end Chenle) Jeno: Jeno would have probably already liked you a bit despite you not talking much but had always been too shy to talk to you. diana; gif maker; i adore nct Happy 2 years to NCT DREAM . doyoung buying a personal fridge because he was lazy? relatable Renjun, after having asked if you two were dating, has made things much more awkward as you and Jeno stroll around the mall, looking for a few last things. 2) Don’t fall in love with them. jeoncooky: head in shit nct says: renjun ver. i like to write. Renjun : My sweatheart Renjun would just be so ecstatic to be able to work with you on such a loving concept. chenle headers zhong chenle mark headers mark lee huang renjun renjun headers lee jeno jeno headers na jaemin jaemin headers haechan headers lee donhyuck park jisung Out the Door / Lee Jeno Summary: Jeno is living a double life as the infamous Spider-Man. Please try again later. from nctinfo. com/ #nct dream #nct #ot7 #cf #elite uniforms #mark #renjun #jaemin #jisung #jeno #chenle #haechan #in the end jisung will always ALWAYS have the unconditional love friendship and support of dream #screenshot nct nct dream nct 2018 nct incorrect quotes nct scenarios mark lee haechan donghyuck nct jisung chenle na jaemin jaemin renjun jeno lee jeno kpop scenarios 1,607 notes Open in app other nice aspect i’d like to highlight is renjun’s jupiter conjunct jeno’s sun! this means jeno trusts renjun a lot. They exchanged a silent moment before Renjun nodded his head. let’s be honest renjun would be this extra to roast mark once he graduates . planner . bye guys (for now). you would hang out with jaemin along with renjun and jeno and hyuck you would feel a bit more closer to the wizarding world and you get to see life inside a wizarding familys house jaemin’s parents absolutely adored you Welcome to Renjun Network, a place entirely dedicated to NCT Dream's Huang Renjun and created in order to appreciate and support our talented boy. Jeno: So you can fly? Haechan: So I can shit on people. nctinc nctgfx nct nct dream mark renjun jeno haechan donghyuck jaemin chenle jisung the day has come figures these boys are the ones who FINALLY motivate me to start posting my content i just LOVED this mv. Jaemin. nct nct 2018 nct dream nct u nct 127 jaemin jeno renjun nomin norenmin noren renmin ship pairing compilation funny cute moments neo culture technology go up #goup jenana sm family sm entertainment Here’s just some rules I have for any requests 💓 1. Member 1,827 posts Location Jeno knew for a fact that Renjun had kept the backdrops a secret from as many of his friends as he could, hoping to surprise them on opening night. 11:15 PM nct nct 127 nct u nct dream nct dream scenarios nct mark au nct mark imagine nct text nct text series nct reactions nct imagines nct scenarios nct mark nct chenle nct jaemin nct jeno nct renjun nct jisung nct haechan nct imagine nct scenario nct reaction nct smut faking it 87 notes FY! NCT DREAM. All photos, videos and comments are owned by the Instagram users who created them. filed under: #nct dream #flashing lights tw #mark #renjun #jeno #haechan #jaemin #chenle #jisung #* #edits #e: gifs #e: nct #alsdkjsad this has probably been done like 1293183 times but what do #i was gonna do another make me choose but i have an assignment due s o Jeno said after they all become legal to drink, Renjun would be the best drinker but Haechan would be the worst 💀 “Jeno. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. [180914] renjun + jeno. About halfway into the movie you suddenly felt something drop down on your shoulder. - Sims 4 Blog - She/Her - 29 - German - loner - ----- Pls check out my WCIF and FAQ first if you have any questions -----My Sideblog - loyalpeggy. So the opposing pitcher made his move, and Jeno made his. 26 notes. jeno playing mafia (and nct quotes jaemin nct funny nct dream nct u nct 127 na jaemin nct fake texts nct scenarios nct imagines nct fake subs nct reactions renjun (alex) yong, jono, more. 19 years old. huang renjun soulmate au ↬ when you’re born, you receive one half of a pendant on a necklace, the other half belonging to your soulmate. 🀄️서쟈니🀄️ mainly nct // writing and stuff // main blog for reblogs // incorrect nct quotes // ⇢ get your pool noodles, the battle begins ⇢ requests: open i’m alex my works jaeminnet wong yukhei huang renjun lee jeno na jaemin Navigate Home i'm an nct stan Archive Install this theme JENO TURNS 18 TOMORROW First Date w/ Jeno The Royal Artist - Huang Renjun. When Jeno doesn’t come home early, you’re left lying in bed with worry and fear filling your mind. There’s one specific photo where it looks like you and Renjun are sharing a drink during an award show, this all made Renjun worried that fans would send waves and waves of hate towards you. i love my children nct jeno renjun. com/p/BQ3P2bYgaFd/ September 2, 2018 – 62912 notes; Pin it Share jeno and renjun confessing to you even tho they think you won’t like them bc they’re younger then you | requested 🌷 Members: Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung Masterlist. It is the night before the NCT fansign and your best friend f/n is sleeping over. Funny enough, he always ends up in the kitchen and wakes up in front of the fridge . Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Jeno: Mark: Donghyuck, get over yourself, you are my dear kpop kpop incorrect quotes nct nct incorrect quotes nct dream nct 127 nct dream incorrect quotes nct 127 incorrect quotes markhyuck norenmin renmin noren nomin mark lee lee donghyuck lee jeno huang renjun na jaemin mark haechan donghyuck renjun jeno jaemin nct mark nct haechan nct renjun Renjun Chenle’s Father = He really takes very good care of Chenle Mark = THE LOVE His presence makes anyone loves him. He was finally back home with you. Jeno knocked on the door with concern evident in his voice. ☼ Renjun: Jeno: Haechan: #nct dream fanfic #nct dream reactions #nct u drabbles #nct u fanfic #nct u reactions #nct 127 fanfic #kpop #kpop masterlist #nct can we all just take a minute to acknowledge chenle’s hard work? his korean has improved so much and i don’t speak korean but even i can hear a noticeable difference in his speaking skills. Currently Jeno is in the far back of the store, looking at t-shirts, while you browse through a selection of on-sale mugs. Welcome to neotechs; a blog dedicated to S. Renjun would probably be kind of interested in the movie once you gave a small summary of the movie. he wants so badly to be loved, more than anything in the world, he craves it. jeno agrees but does jisung really have to keel calling him ‘cold herted manhwa prince’ all the time,,,, “yeah renjun, that haircut - your mom jeno leans in. summary: He was new and you were curious, standing in the back of a record store he gave you a small smile. Jeno. 2 Back to top #2 Chu chu~ Chu chu~ Star. You look up momentarily to see Jeno and Taeyong talking quietly, but then soon enough you go back to playing the game with Renjun. But Renjun has never been good at following rules, so enters Jeno, and Renjun finds himself falling anyway. com. Jaemin was the only one left who could drive out of the last three. i have a wife named yueliang and cat named yves. — lee jeno. "It’s okay,” you assured before looking at Jeno, who sent a small smile and nodded. like-broken-glass-to-me: Renjun and Jaemin - Dream vs #dreamiesnetwork #nctinc #NCT #nct dream #nct dream we go up #nct mark #nct renjun #nct jeno #nct jaemin #nct jisung #nct wallpaper #kpop #kpop wallpaper #nct haechan . 180914 / 670. when her jeno would hype u the fuckkk up whenever u had to do shit! at first it was cute like if u were anxious over an exam or something he’d be like u can do it, and when you got a good grade or did something good he’d be like “look at y/n!!! they did sooo well” Mark - fluff Renjun Renjun Soulmate AU - fluff Boyfriend! Renjun - fluff Jeno Jeno Soulmate AU - fluff Boyfriend! Hipster Tumblr Theme by Precrafted SMTOWN UNSOLVED: Huang Renjun and Park Jisung, two alien enthusiasts, and their friend Na Jaemin investigate the truth behind the question are we truly alone? based on this huang renjun soulmate au ↬ when you’re born, you receive one half of a pendant on a necklace, the other half belonging to your soulmate. Just remember that I have the right to decline any requests I don’t like / simply won’t do but jeno is chill so he usually just hangs out with his teammates or a small group of friends one day after school you decided to check up on your cousin and ask if he wanted to stop for ice cream you needed a way to relieve all the stress from school, and you didn’t want to go home right away This feature is not available right now. “It seems so odd how I was put here only to meet you, and how you want to be with me instead of your destined soulmate . Mark: I'm just really worried because I got -666, Jeno got 18, Jaemin got 924, and Lucas got dish washer. she moved back to london, and then she comes back, only Renjun and Jaemin just seem to be in their own little world and Jeno’s just sitting there, literally pressed against you due to the lack of space his arm is resting on the back of the couch, hand slightly touching your shoulder boi you just met?! Mark was picking up Renjun since the two of them lived next door to each other. it was labeled anonymous. Haechan. nct nct dream mark renjun jeno haechan jaemin chenle jisung nctinc gif kellie * kkurikkuridotori liked this . Online content on this website is powered by Instagram. says it in his head, repeats it over and over and over. You waited for a moment and then took a side glance just to notice how Renjun seriously put his arm around you. i got that enough from jeno, i get that every day from my parents, so i felt Jeno: Jeno here would be very salty towards that member who is your bias. Like Renjun, he’d like it if they could draw, paint, sing, or anything else like that; he’d find it admirable and cool. nct nct dream renjun jeno haechan jaemin they go go going harder with their stage presence honestly i was satisfied with my previous 00 line appreciation so why i didnt think about it sooner?? *nctaezen nct gifs Boyfriend! Renjun • ahh i was actually thinking about him while writing the jeno one lmao • so youre new to SOPA and your peer mentor is Jeno • he shows you around school and shows you to your thinking about how huang renjun could go on and on about aliens and other dimensions, and wondering if he and jisung would ever get together and discuss theories like the fermi paradox or if he’d look up at the night sky sometimes and see spaceships instead of stars. Jaemin and Jeno (well, mostly Jaemin) were probably dying to have more drama in the Dreamie dorm, especially since everything died down with their whole Renjun love triangle. i see nct jaemin NCT reaction to you giving them a kiss backstage [Yuta, Haechan, Renjun, Jeno] NCT reaction to their s/o being scared in the ocean [Kun, Taeyong, Lucas, Jaehyun] NCT reaction to pointing out insecurities in an argument [Ten, Jaehyun, Jaemin] Why do Renjun and Jaemin dominate Jeno's tumblr search . huang renjun x reader. summary: fifth instalment of the young love nct dream series. I really don't know what to post, so let's see what happens! Renjun has the habit of sleepwalking. jungwoonet: jungwoo quite literally turned his world upside down. the-church-of-lee-jeno: “Hello, yes, hi, this is The Church of Lee Jeno™️ asking, why haven’t you converted yet? Praise our Lord and Savior™️ Lee Jeno 🙌🏻 ©️ ” Find this Pin and more on NCT by FcMarkNCT . the story of how mark and renjun became good friends :^) Tags: renjun. #jungwoo #renjun. nct nct dream mark lee haechan nct scenarios kpop jeno nct mark nct haechan renjun chenle jisung lee jeno jaemin nct jeno nct jisung nct “winwin for @jaewin, @nctwinwin & anon ♡ ” blog for nct and all its units! thenct → yongs. He was possibly the sweetest guy anyone could ever meet, Jeno never meant any harm to anything. nct nct dream mark lee haechan nct scenarios kpop jeno nct mark nct haechan renjun chenle jisung lee jeno jaemin nct jeno nct jisung nct chenle nct renjun jisung park stop i love them they’re so gay nct yukren renjun yukhei. jpg (715×1279) Reading from the perspective of Jeno Boys making fun of Jeno for not asking out his crush The perfect Jeno Renjun Chenle Animated GIF for your conversation. he forces himself to like jeno. + navigation; masterlist; astrology; do you ever think about renjun glancing over at jeno and suddenly he can’t seem to tear his eyes away and the air in his lungs gets knocked out and he feels so breathless staring at his best friend but he knows he can’t say anything because they’re just best friends bc i do and i recommend you don’t I started with a Pentagon Fanpage, but I just can’t stay loyal to one group Most of the GIF’s and Pics are not mine so credits to the owners I WAS LIKE ‘JENO IS 6’0’ THEN I REALIZED HES PROBS LIKE 5’10 so still rlly tall love him sm irene talks jeno lee jeno lucas wong yukhei yukhei nct dream nct u nct 127 nct kpop huang renjun mark lee chenle zhong chenle na jaemim jaemin jisung jisung park haechan donghyuck Imagine pocket sized renjun and donghyuck using your sunglasses to protect them from the Sun, while everyone else has a water fight (ft jisung getting lost in the jungle/grass)~🍉 oooo no it’s okay!!! the sun is shining here too i love it. jaemin’s adult to-do list: ☐ get driver’s license ☐ try alcohol ☑ make fun of jisung This blog is dedicated to bringing you English-subbed NCT videos. Doesn’t necessarily have to be something he can do or has an interest it, but he’d definitely be willing to pursue a hobby in it if you inspired him that much. they are constantly motivated to please each other. The sad part about Lucas's answer was that it was a math nct nct dream nct 2018 nct naver nct dispatch naver dispatch mark lee renjun jeno haechan jaemin chenle jisung nct dream comeback nct dream album nct updates nct dream we go up nct dream pics nct photoshoot p: scan nct edit nct wallpaper nct dream edit nct dream wallpaper wallpaper lockscreen kpop wallpaper Jeno: Jeno would, like Renjun, always be down for cuddles. #nct #incorrect nct quotes #haechan #jeno #jaemin #nct funny #nct dream #nct u #nct 127 #lee donghyuck #lee jeno #na jaemin #nct fake chats #nct fake texts #nct imagines #nct scenarios #renjun #mark lee #taeyong #doyoung #jaehyun #johnny seo #wong yukhei #jungwoo #chenle #nct jisung #kpop elisabeth; twenty one > nct and kbands < yukhren. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. “i’m sorry I’m so clingy and annoying, I just really love you. Chenle. renjun jeno tumblr