Letting Go and Beginning Fresh – A Traditional Death Sweat Lodge

A Traditional Death Sweat Lodge  November 7 & 8, 2015 in Maple Ridge, BC

Using a death ceremony as an inspiration for living a great life.

Join Monique Wilson and me, for this rare and unique two-day sweat lodge focused on dropping all the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage that gets in our way of living fully and passionately as the unique and creative being we really are. In a way we will be killing off our old self (ego death), to make way for a newer more updated version of us (rebirth). Monique’s  Ancestors are Mohawk (Khanawake) and Cree (Alberta). She pours the Inipi Ceremony in the Lodge her people call Buffalo Bear Lodge.

We will start on Saturday November 7th at 9:00 am with an opening ceremony and smudge. We will prepare the site for the lodge and begin building it together. There will be a light lunch and then right to work on building the sweat lodge.

We will all share a traditional Buffalo Soup Dinner and spend the evening together creating our own prayer ties that represent things we want to let go of.

Sunday morning we will have an opening ceremony and smudge and get right to work dressing the lodge for our sweat. We will be fasting so water and tea will be our breakfast. We will also create our own medicine bundles – a touch stone if you will- to support our spirits as we journey through the sweat lodge ceremony. The sweat will begin at 12:00 noon and we will do a rebirthing ceremony right after the sweat has completed.

We will share a meal together around 5:00pm – a traditional Salmon Feast and then say ‘til next time. We expect to be complete around 7:30pm on Sunday night.

There is room at the site to sleepover in doors and there are also many great locations on the land to camp out if you wish. Your accommodation and food are included in your fee of $495.00.

The entire weekend is very hands on and community oriented. The time will be full of new lessons, spiritual teachings and traditions perhaps forgotten but not lost. If a weekend like this appeals to you contact me immediately as the 11 remaining spots will go quickly.

Come and uncover a deeper knowing of yourselves at this November’s Death / Rebirth Sweat Lodge in Maple Ridge, BC. Once registered, we will send out a participants’ package that will provide you with all the necessary details and logistics.

Warmly and with gratitude

Stephen Kwon Alexander Jersey

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