Hope or Faith – Which one is it?

I have listened to a lot of talks lately about hope and its important role for people facing dying, death, and grief. Today on Death Matters Live Radio it was again the topic of discussion. I must admit I get a little triggered by the word hope as I often considerate the opposite of denial. I find it somehow a crutch as opposed to a tool. So yes I have a bias.

Well, the word hope has got my attention so lets explore it publicly and we’ll see what happens. So, I started to examine the two words – hope and faith. Here are a few things I discovered.


Definition:             A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Key Words:            Anticipate, look forward to, wish, desire, and chance



Definition:            Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Key Words:            Confidence, belief, trust, and conviction



Definition:             A feeling of being certain about something

Key Words:            Strong belief, idea, position, stance

By reading the definitions and key words associated with hope and faith I began to see why I had a natural aversion to hope and why I was more drawn to faith. I am a very practical guy, pragmatic many would say and I believe in our personal power we have to create our lives. I also believe in the power of the words we use, that in a way we are casting a ‘spell’ when we speak. So when I combine my pragmatism with the power of speech I find myself squarely planted in the word faith leaving the word hope in the title of Dusty Springfield’s 1964 song Wishin’ and a Hopin’.

Faith – complete trust or confidence is a powerful ‘spell’ – the word conviction even more so. However, when I hear words like look forward to, desire, or wish I feel a little hope-less, as if something outside of me has the say.

When it comes to healing, dying, or death my personal preference would be to cast a ‘spell’ with words of faith that are powerful – giving me a sense of intention and purpose. Yes, at the end of the day what will be will be, along the way though I would personally rather feel empowered by my speaking and choice of words.

For me the word faith ‘spells’ it out in a powerful way – confidence, trust, and conviction. Ian Cole Authentic Jersey

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