Holier Than Thou? – Nope, ALL Paths Take You Home.

It is easy to make the assumption that because we are on a “spiritual” path we have some sort of upper hand on those we judge not to be on a spiritual path at all. It is a type of “spiritual elitism” that causes more trouble than you might first imagine for both the “spiritually elite” and those they judge.

And yes I have been there. I was one of those “spiritually elite” folks who carried subtle and sometimes not so subtle judgments about others who look like they are not behaving in a spiritual way or living a spiritual life. I mean after all look at my seeking, my practice, my writing, my spiritual travel – Peru, Costa Rica, Hawaii, India, Mexico, Egypt, Africa – God I must be just a shade better than those boneheads who party all weekend.

I have to be, otherwise what was the point of all my spiritual efforting?

Well isn’t that the million dollar question!

I spent sometime in a sacred ceremony not too long ago and this was the very nature of my contemplation, though I must admit I came at it a bit sideways. We were in a beautiful yurt out in the country, by a creek and quite secluded. We were about half way through the ceremony when I chose to go outside and sit amongst the trees, near the creek and just be alone and still.

Shortly after getting comfortable, finding the right tree to lean against at the right spot in the creek I heard the sounds of an all night party cascading down the hill right into my silence. I was so pissed off! Those damn party animals they are so unaware, so lacking in consciousness – doing drugs and drinking and chasing gals all over the place it sounded like to me.

Well I have this relationship with God – I call her Grandmother and we often chat. She loves me deeply and is often a shade on the demanding side! Well she could not resist my ignorant ileteism that I was doing my best to disguise as being spiritual.

“Honey,” She said to me, “They are just like you – humans doing their best to make sense of their life. They will find their way home to me just as you will and in their own unique way in their own time just like you.”

Well my spiritual little ego didn’t like hearing that so I began to wrestle with Grandmother over this point. She was unrelenting and gave no quarter. Each and everyone one of us are doing our very best to make sense out of the life we are living with the cards we have been dealt. I fought her for what seemed like hours, I so wanted to be spiritually special. My ego was no match for Grandmother. I collapsed into a bawling lump face down on the ground in recognition of how ‘right’ Grandmother was.

I surrendered to Her Wisdom and realized how I am just an ordinary guy doing my ordinary life in my ordinary way.

No matter what my little spiritual ego thought this is how it actually is – we will all find our way ‘home’ one way or another and who am I to judge?


Warmly and with gratitude



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