Healthcare IS Changing from the Top Down – Are We Ready at Home?

Ontario released its budget last week and of course it includes health care. Here are the highlights.

“Health care in Ontario

The spending plan holds health care to an increase of just 1.2 per cent this year, even as costs and population will grow far faster. The government will achieve much of this by freezing base operating funding to hospitals, forcing them to make cuts. The province is also hoping to save money through a tough contract with doctors. It imposed a cut to their fees earlier this year.

One of the few areas in health care receiving more funds is home care. The government’s long-term plan is to effectively move chronic patients out of hospital and have them remain at home.”

All this going on just in front of the tidal wave of death the ageing baby boomers will be bringing us – an increase of close to 75%.

Are we ready to die better at home?

Whether we are or not it is coming to a health region near you.  Have we a mobile care system that can support family care givers who are being downloaded to?  Have we educated our ‘people’ regarding dying and death care?  What are the healthy alternatives to death in a hospital or hospice?  Do we know how to take care of ourselves along with the loved one who is dying?

Many of us, 90%, want to, so let’s get ready and inform and educate individuals and families about how we as communities can support each other in dying better at home. There are alternatives so let’s talk about them, and let’s do it publicly!

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