Having Input and Having Say are Two Very Different Things

I remember a few years ago recognizing that I have opportunities to give input to others and them to me and that is about as far as input goes. The one receiving the input has final say. Our ability to give input to others does not mean we have any say at all in their life – only input.

It is entirely and solely the exclusive right of the individual to have final say.

I remember as a child struggling with my parents and often using the expression “You can’t tell me what to do!”

In the medical and health services field this truth is often forgotten. Many doctors and nurses confuse these two very different things and the patients do too. My brother Peter reminded me of this important distinction as I watched for two months deal with this very situation. Doctors ‘telling’ him what they were going to do – trying to have a say in Peter’s healing. Peter insisting that they provide him with the information and allow him to make the choice- welcoming their input and maintaining his person power or his say.

Lots of friction indeed, a power-struggle for sure – Say versus Input.

Let us remember the doctors are paid by our tax dollars to provide us with sound medical Input. Being the employer along with the fact it is, after all, our body and our life it is we that have final Say.

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