Following Your Heart Brings Ease and Grace – Bullshit!

There is the new aged notion that if we follow our heart all will be well, magic will abound, and the bells will ring. Well not in my world and I am following my heart’s calling at least as far as I can tell. And this is the dilemma…

  • What is my true heart, really, and what does it truly want? And,
  • What does ease and grace mean?

Never mind question two. Let’s look closely at the first question and ask it of ourselves deeply. What is your true heart? Now that is a lifelong journey, one I have been on for decades now and have just begun to make some progress. You see we can often mistake a belief, a fear, a desire, or an idea as a heart’s calling. Sometimes our motivation for doing things IS based on these non-heart urges. Sometimes the false starts are in fact a distraction from what our True Heart really is calling us to do. So the good news is rather aim at following the true heart than not, at least were will be on the ‘right’ path.

The second question, “what does ease and grace look like?” is loaded with both misunderstanding and expectations. It implies if we do follow our heart all will be graceful and ease will prevail. Do you think it was easy and graceful for Buddha? For Gandhi? For Martin Luther? For Mother Teresa? No! It wasn’t necessarily a life full of ease or grace, it was however raw and real. Gandhi and King both got shot!

So, let’s be truthful.

Yes indeed aim at your heart’s deepest calling and don’t be misled by the notion of ease and grace – it can be an avoidance of the discomfort being on your heart’s purpose often brings. Living from your deepest heart can be very challenging. If you are looking for ease and grace as a result of your efforts you will often and mistakenly exit the path of heart for an easier less bumpy road. Stacy McGee Authentic Jersey

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