Death is All Around Us

When you really look around you will see death everywhere, we just use different words for it; fired, ended, terminated, goodnight, bye-bye, over, changed. What I am referring to here is the beginning of something like a project and the end of the project – birth of and death of.

Birth of an idea death of it.

Birth of a relationship and the death of it.

Birth of a day, death of a day.

The list goes on. My point is if we took these more common and mundane events and added a conscious ritual to them we would be doing ourselves are great favour, by practicing birth and death regularly. It would also really help us when it comes to completions.

This was and is the point of rituals, solstices, and ceremonies. They all remind us that we are alive and that things, life, do come to an end. Prepare for the end while you are living fully each moment and day. It is a generous, graceful, and grateful way to live.


Much Love

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