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Are We Really that Spoiled? … Absolutely!

I was having a chat with a neighbor the other day and the new Wal-Mart that has just showed up in Maple Ridge. She was happy because there just isn’t any shopping available here in good old Maple Ridge.

No Shopping in Maple Ridge? What the !@%*!

Everywhere I drive in the darn place there IS shopping, all along Dewdney Trunk, all along Lougheed Highway, malls and shopping as far as the eye can see. So I asked, “What do you mean no shopping?”

“Well there is nowhere to purchase women’s underwear.” was the response.

“Oh, of course.” I thought to myself. I smiled and walked on.

Writing this piece I am sitting here laughing my ass off. How humorous in a way, yet how sadly first world non-sense in another.

Have we really gotten that entitled? Have we really made things so easy that we take our abundance and privilege for granted? That we expect this ease of access to supply our every whim and want?

Sadly, and deeply so, yes.

Today, I am going to practice even more gratitude for all I have. Uchenna Nwosu Jersey

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