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Teaching Approach and Training Programs

Dying, death, and grief demand an in-depth, intimate, and personal approach – the hallmark of the programs I offer.

StephenGarrett2All learners first face their own history and relationship with death before they move on in their training. This personal exploration paves the way for an even deeper and more compassionate approach to work with people dealing with loss.

Students then explore the different cultural approaches to dying and death from around the globe while learning the communication techniques and interpersonal skills required to relate with individuals and families needing coaching through the processes of dying, death and grief.

Each learner is also required to get their own end of life planning and paperwork fully and complete prepared and from this foundation have the important conversations with their family about their end of life wishes.

Stephen Garrett3Students are also required to volunteer in the field.

At the end of the basic twelve-module program learners will be true dying, death, and grief ‘artists’.

I am currently offering a Train the Trainer program and a Community Educator Program for those graduates who wish to continue their end of life studies and serve a broader community base.

Speaking and Workshops

StephenGarrett1Over the past decade I have spoken to groups as large as 1,200 people and more intimate groups from 15 to 200 folks. I have spoken in person at conferences such as IdeaCity, Double D’s Death and Dying Conference, the Ageing and Spirituality Conference in Los Angeles, the Bereavement Ontario Networks 25th Annual Conference, along with numerous radio and television shows.

I currently work with such organizations as hospices, professional continuing education organizations, colleges, communities, and churches creating tailor-made workshops to suit each group’s unique needs and learning styles.

To every function I bring profound compassion, firsthand life and death experience, and a relaxing storytelling approach to one of North America’s most taboo topics. I have been known to break the ice wit just a touch of irreverent humor.

My current offerings and projects

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