A Guy Starts to Wonder At Age 66

A couple of reminders the past several days; David Bowie died at 69; Alan Rickman passes at 69. Doesn’t matter to me what caused their deaths though both did die of cancer. What matters to me is the reminder – 69 years young, that’s only 3 years older than me – three years or 1,095 days. Shit!

Around this time of ‘retirement’ a guy can start to wonder about things. Many of us handle these thoughts in the solitude of our own mind, as it seems retirement is meant to be the known yet unspoken thing. Retirement is this time we have all earned, a period of play, a time to take off, a time to be filled with all the things of life we put off because we were to busy working.

In an odd way though, this period of retirement seems to lack purpose.

I wonder many things; why would I stop working just when I am getting good at what I do? If I like what I am doing as I reach retirement why would I stop? Have I done enough to help my family? Have I done enough to serve my community? Have I stuff yet left to do before I die? If I were to die soon, what would I regret not doing? Have I made a difference? Did I live full out?

Others I am sure, given their life experience, wonder different things, because they are different guys. They may wonder about themselves mostly. They may imagine that they deserve this time of not working. They may worry about money. They may wonder what they are going to do with all the time they have. They may not wonder about purpose or passion because those models are yet to be fully developed and made available. They may not wonder about service at all, because it is not in their vision.

I wonder about all those seniors in elder care homes, the wisdom they carry and will carry to their grave if no one notices. I wonder about reactivation post retirement – do we have to stay and act retired or can we un-retire?

Others… what do they wonder about at this time of life?

My laptop crashed once and I lost all my digital stuff – man was I pissed off. I would be equally pissed off if my body crashed and all my human stuff was no longer accessible. What would the point of my life be if all my data were gone?

All this guy of 66 knows is there is lots of downloading to do before I die – I better get busy!

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