A Case of Mistaken Identity – The Grim Reaper isn’t Real!

So what would happen if I am right and we all just made up the myth of the Grim Reaper? – and we did! What would happen if we enabled ourselves as free and conscious beings to reinvent a new image of death that would be more in alignment with modern spirituality?
What would happen if we simply changed the notion that death is not the enemy to be fought at all costs? – and we do. Between 40 to 50% of our annual health care budgets are spent on 5% of the population in the last 10 months of their lives.
What would happen if we allowed death to be life’s ally? – not that we are rushing towards it, more that it informs us.
Would our “youngers” not spend more time with their elders?
Would the war on ageing turn in to a graceful dance bridging the generation gaps?
Would our children be permitted to have class pets that would teach them about the cycle of life?
Would we all not be a little more grateful for the priceless time we have on the green side of the grass?

Watch this video and see…

Warmly and with gratitude
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