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Hi, my name is Stephen Garrett. You can
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It seems as if I have been training my entire life for the ‘job’ of Death Educator and Coach. The end of life requires financial, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual skills and experience of which I have gained an abundance.

Here are my current projects:

Radio Show

Two decades in the financial world as an investment banker blend well with a decade as a social worker and executive director in the non-profit world and ten years as a workshop facilitator, trainer, and personal Coach and a year and one half as a cremationist.

I have turned this passion for life towards the end how to get a medical cannabis card of life needs our aging population will need in order to die with grace and dignity. Committed to changing the way most North Americans approach dying and death, I dedicate my time to working with individuals, families, medical professional organizations, and communities in creating a different relationship with death – one based on acceptance, openness, and inspiration as opposed to fear and denial.

Here a few details…

I am a co-host on Vancouver the founder and editor of We Can Die Better eMagazine, board member of the Memorial Society of BC, a death and dying trainer for Rhodes Wellness College and BEyonder Training, founder of End of Life Guide Training, and the author of When Death Speaks and soon to be released Chemosabe and Taunto – Riding Side Saddle with Cancer.

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